Rohs Certified SMD Choke Coil Filter Inductor 22uH

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Rohs Certified SMD Choke Coil Filter Inductor 22uHintroduction

Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components common mode choke and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading common mode choke manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics common mode inductor, cmc coils, toroidal choke inducor, toroidal common mode choke coil, common mode filter, through-hole choke filter from our factory.

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Product Parameter


Magnetic core, copper wire,case

Coil Structure Toroidal
Usage Switching power supplies

Mounting type

Through HolePCB mount

Product feature

1Choke Coil, Small profile with large current

2Low resistance, made with MPP. High-flux, Sendust and Iron Powder cores

3Prevent noise emission, such as electromagnetic interference(EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI)

4Wide range of available inductance and current ratings

5 100KHz to 3MHz common mode resonance

Product application

Used in AC/DC, DC/DC Line Noise Suppression, TV/VCR Units and Communication System,

Video cameras. Audio equipments. TV tunners. Switching power supplies.


Q: Lead time for sample; Lead time for mass production?

A: 5-10days;3-4weeksor depending on order quality.

Q: What service your company can offer?

A: Products design, development, production, test as per requirement.

Q: What information you need for making transformer?

A: Supply drawing is the best, or tell us the size, standard etc.

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