Toroidal Choke Choke Coil 1mh To 100mh

Toroidal Choke Choke Coil 1mh To 100mh
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Toroidal Choke Choke Coil 1mh To 100mhintroduction

choke coil is an inductor used to block higher-frequency while passing direct current (DC) and lower-frequencies of alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit. A choke usually consists of a coil of insulated wire often wound on a magnetic core, although some consist of a doughnut-shaped "bead" of ferrite material strung on a wire. The choke's impedance increases with frequency. Its low electrical resistance passes both AC and DC with little power loss, but its reactance limits the amount of AC passed.

Product name
Toroidal Choke choke coil 1mh to 100mh
Brand name
Ferrite core, Copper wire; Basing;Shielding case
High Frequency
Coil Structure
Inductance Range
Depends on the customer's request
Shape Types
Vertical;Horizontal;with/without base;shielded/unshielded ;SMD
Product features
1High frequency
2 Low magnetic leakage
3Useful various power conversion and line filter application
4Low radiation noise based on toroidal construction
5Various material available to meet different frequency requirements
6Special specifications available upon request
7Primary competitive advantage: Country of region; small order accepted 8 Experienced technical staff; Pass ISO ,RoHs,UL;Standard Packing

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1. Neutral Packing
2.As customer requirement


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