Toroidal Common Mode Choke Ferrite Iron Core Inductor With Base Copper Coil Inductor

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Toroidal Common Mode Choke Ferrite Iron Core Inductor With Base Copper Coil Inductorintroduction

The inductance of magnetic ring is also called choke coil in English. It is an inductance coil which can resist choke alternating current. The coil reactance is proportional to the frequency, which can control the high frequency AC current and let the low frequency and DC pass through. According to the frequency, air core, ferrite core and silicon steel sheet core are used. It is called "filter choke" when used for rectification, "sound choke" when used for choking audio frequency current, and "high frequency choke" when used for choking high frequency current. The inductance coil used for "DC through, AC resistance", "low frequency through, high frequency resistance" is called high frequency choke coil.


Ideal for a variety of DC-DC converter Inductors applications. Available on tape and reel for automatic insertion.Low DC resistance and large permissible DC current.This can be surface mount assembly and reflow soldering is also possible.

1Country of region

2Pass the ISO9001, RoHS certification

3 Experienced technical staff

4 Adopt the advanced magnetic ring and the PEW Oxygen free enamelled copper wire.


(1) Video cameras.
(2) Portable VCRs.
(3) Audio equipments.
(4) TV tunners.
(5) Switching power supplies.
(6) Other circuits of consideration aganist radiation,ect.

Our Company

SHAANXI FULLSTAR ELECTRONICS CO.,LTDis specialized in electronics and magnetic components. We are professional Electronics manufacturing company with good reputation in the field. Our company keeps pace with update technologies and developing its capacity. As an ISO certified company we adhere to strict quality control system thus all products to meet RoHS Standard and industry international standards.

Fullstar electronics are always ready to provide customers with the best products and services. Sincerely look forward to establishing long term cooperation with you to create the brilliancy together.

Our Team

We own an outstanding sale and service team and establish a huge marketing network covering market both home and aboard.Our operating policy is "Quality comes first, customer foremost".Engaging, learning and mastering advanced technology, Fullstar excellent team provide high quality products, quick delivery, strong technical support & best service and would help our customers achieve the maximum value.


1.Q:Why choose us?

A:Fullstar has been mamufacturing customized inductors for more than 24 years.

2.Q:Do you have any certificates?

A:We have CE, RoHS, CCC, CQC, ISO9001:2015 Certification.

3.Q:How about your products quality inspection?

A:We have professional QA and QC teams. 100% quality inspection is performed before shipment.

4.Q:Can you use our logo?

A: We accept OEM and ODM production.

5.Q:What's your quality guarantee?

A: We repairor replace parts within18 months if necessary.

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