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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components split-core current sensor and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading split-core current sensor manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics split-core current sensing transformer, clamp on current transformers, hall current sensors, hall-effect transducers from our factory.


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Features : 
Split –core current sensing transformer, 
●ABS anti-combustion plastic casing
●Test current range : 0.01A to 10000A 
●input/output current: 100A/33.3mA, 200A/100mA, 100A/1A, 200A/1A,200A/5A, 500A/5A, 600A/5A 800A/5A,1000A/5A,2000A/5A,3000A/5A 4000A/5A 8000/5A 10000A/5A available
●Encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure strong insulation ability
●High-precision current transformers
●Locking snap current transformers
●PBT burn-resistance current transformers
●High-precision current transformers
●Reliable linear performance transformers
●Strong anti-magnetic disturbance epoxy current transformers-Completely-enclosed, good mechanical behavior, suitable for various environments, strong voltage isolation ability, delicate appearance
●Suitable for single-phase electricity meter as well as anti-tampering electricity meter;
●There are standard holes on the primary lead wire which can be directly fixed on the meter terminals with standard bolts
●Customized  type available 

Part number Hole diameter Rated current Rated output Accuracy Resistance Work frequency
SCT 010T 10 mm 80 A 26.6 mA 0.5/1 10 Ω 50-1K Hz
SCT016T 16 mm  120 A 40 mA 0.5/1 10 Ω 50-60 Hz
SCT016TS 16 mm  150A 50mA
0.5/1 10 Ω 50-60 Hz
SCT024TS 24mm 400A
100mA 0.5/1 8 Ω 50-60 Hz
SCT036TS 36mm 600A
100mA 0.5/1 Ω 50-60 Hz


Application :  widely used in the relay protection area – Current measurement
             Electrical load monitoring / Energy and sub-metering products / Network equipment/ Instruments and sensors/ Control systems/       
FSCT10 (High-precision split core current sensor, 0-120A, 50Hz to 100KHz, Available in Various Specifications )
FSCT24 SERIES (High-precision split core current sensor, 0-120A, 50Hz to 100KHz, Available in Various Specifications )


Fullstar Type FSCT Series

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