Flyback Transformer For Ozone Generator

Flyback Transformer For Ozone Generator
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Flyback Transformer For Ozone Generator

1.Flyback Transformer For Ozone Generator introduction

A typical ignition coil has two windings, primary winding and secondary winding. The primary winding is made of a thicker enameled wire, the secondary winding is made of a thin enameled wire, the primary winding is connected to a low voltage power supply (+), and the secondary end is connected to a switching device (breaker). One end of the secondary winding is coupled to the primary, and the secondary is coupled to the output of the high voltage line to output high voltage power.


2.product Parameter


VCRS,machine,switching power supply

Coil Structure





Design a customer's required specification


3.Product feature

1 Lower profile and weight.

2 High isolation strength.

3 High Power Electronic Transformer.

4 high power density.

5 Custom designs available

photobank (20) 

4.Product application

VCRS, Copy machine , Audio equipment , Game machines.TV sets, Microcomputer equipment, printers, Terminals.communications control equipment 4.Switching power supply, chargers, alarm system.UPS, VCD/DVD players, audio and visual equipment.OA machines, inverters, chargers, alarm system




Q: What's your advantage?

A: We are persisting to develop new products with professional design department, strict administrative system and after-sale service.

Q: How can I get the sample to check your quality?

A: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our product’s quality. 

Q: Can we put/show our own Logo on your products?

A: Yes, no problem, however, the quantity should be a bit big.

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