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High voltage Ignition Transformer introduction

High-voltage ignition transformer, also known as igniter, high voltage package. The main functions of the transformer are voltage conversion, impedance transformation, isolation and voltage regulation. The transformers are widely used inautomatic control of burners, and there are many forms and types.

The ignition transformer is mainly applied to the ignition system of the burner to realize the automatic ignition function of the burner.

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  • High-voltage Custom-made Transformers and Ignition Coil with 4,000V-7000V Output Voltage

  • Available in Various Turns ratio

  • Input voltages: 12 to 24V

  • Output voltage: 7,000V maximum

  • with RoHS mark

  • various types are available


EFD15, EFD20, EFD25 and EFD30 series

EE16/EE19/EE25 series

R8*18.5/ R6*16.5 Series

R10*20 series

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Ignition Coils for Gas and Oil Burners´╝îfor EL/CCFL inverter orDC/DC converter

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