0.8mH 3mH Through-Hole Common Mode Choke

0.8mH 3mH Through-Hole Common Mode Choke
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0.8mH 3mH Through-Hole Common Mode Choke

1.0.8mH 3mH Through-Hole Common Mode Choke introduction

Toroidal Inductors provide a number of advantages over other inductor varieties, which include:Compact Size — The smaller size of Toroidal Inductors allows for excellent efficiency while maintaining top level performance.Lower Cost — With smaller sizes that use less raw materials, Toroidal Inductors are a highly economical choice.Efficient Design — Inductor designers can achieve shorter length of turn with smaller-sized Toroidal Inductors using less cooper wire and with no bobbin as with E-core designs.


2.product Parameter

Model Number



Automotive systems/VCRS


Ferrite core, copper wire


100% Tested


3.Product feature


2 Energy Monitoring Devices

3 Adopt the advanced magnetic ring and the PEW Oxygen free enamelled copper wire.

4 Country of region

5 Small order accepted


4.Product application

Toroidal Inductors are used for applications that include current sense transformers, common mode inductors, switching regulator inductors, input filter inductors, and more. These inductors provide excellent value — they are generally smaller in size and cost less than other inductors.



Q: What's your quality guarantee?

A: We provide repair or replace service within 18months if energy meter is not working properly.

Q: Can you accept to use our logo?

A: We accept OEM and ODM production and can make customized product.

Q: How about your products quality inspection?

A:We have professional QA and QC teams, 100% quality inspection is performed before goods out of factory.

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