Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors

Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors
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Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors are also called SMD unshielded power inductors.Its ceramic body and winding structure can provide high SRF.Due to Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors technical expertise of accurately wounding skill , these chip inductors a re designed as filtering, impedance matching, resonance and choke circuits for RF designer. The stand series as well as customer design to meet your needs of telecom & wireless products. 

SCS Series pictures


Wire wound ceramic chip inductors


RoHS Compliant 

Ceramic body and wire wound construction provide high SRFs.
These ultra – compact inductors provided exceptional Q values,even at high frequencies.
Their ceramic construction delivers the highest possible SRFs as well as excellent Q values.
The non-magnetic coil form also assures the utmost in thermal stability, predictability and batch      consistency.

SCS series is standard parts for RF designers.


RF products for cellular phone, GPS receiver, Base Station, Repeater,Wireless LAN/ Mouse/ Keyboard/ earphone, remote control, security system and other RF modules.

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