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IFT adjustable Coilintroduction

Adjustable coil

Adjustable inductor

Coilover springs

IFT adjustable inductor

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IFT Coils with Variable Inductor,
Plastic, copper or other shell with air coil to be molded
Shield cover protect
Firm structure
Adjustable inductance value
Suitable for radio receivers and AM/FM radios,
Used for wirelesscommunication systems,
Used for remote controls for toys and equipment
Applied in radio transmitter
Adjustable coils with wide induction range
Designed for application in different types of circuits
With internal capacitors
SMD version is available
Variable inductor and coils with wide range of inductance
Designed for application in different types of circuits
Customized designs and electronic parameters are accepted
Various dimensions are available

With inner capacitors

IFT coil5.JPG

IFT COIL12.png


RF radio, wireless transceiver and security field
FM radio, TV receiver and transceiver
Car, wireless telecommunication

Radio Communications

Remote Control Applications

RF electronic application
car reversing radar
cordless phone and more
Electronic equipment
Video tape recorders


Q1.Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A:We are OEM/ODM manufacturer with our own factories.

Q2. Can you give us a favorable discount?
A: Of course, a favorable discount will be offered according to your order quantity.

Q3: What information you need for making transformer?

A: Supply drawing is the best, or tell us the size, standard etc.

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