SMD High Current Integrated Inductor

SMD High Current Integrated Inductor
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SMD High Current Integrated Inductor introduction:

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SMD High Current Integrated Inductor
High Current
100% Tested
Magnetic core, Copper wire, Plastic case
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SMD power inductor - Inductance Range from 1.0uH to 2,200uH

High-current Power inductor - Inductance Range from 1uH to 5600uHand Tinned Copper Flat Terminal
Silver surface plated power chip inductor 
High-current chip inductor 
Low-resistance chip inductor 
Small profile chip inductor 
SMD power choke coil 
SMD power inductor 
SMD common mode choke 
Low profile suitable for high current 
Inductance range: 10.0uH to 2,200.0uH ±20% 

SMD taping and reel package suitable for automatic SMD equipment assembly

1 Excellent solder ability and resistance to soldering heat, suitable for flow and reflow soldering.

2 Operating temperature range –25°C~+125°C, store temperature range 15°C~35°C

3 Insulation strength:200Vdc 1mA 3 second-wire to core.

4 Solderadility:255±5°C,3±1 second; Dipping.

5 Electrical specifications at 25°C4.Product application


Core: ferrite DR/RI core 
Wire: enameled copper wire 
Base: LCP E4008 
Terminal: tinned copper flat 
Adhesive: epoxy resin 
Storage temperature: -40 to +125-degree Celsius 
Operating temperature: -25 to +105-degree Celsius 
Rated current: base on temperature rise delta L/L0A= 10% maximum
Temperature rise: 40-degree Celsius max 
Resistance to solder heat: 260-degree Celsius, 10 seconds
Package: Tape and Reel
Fullstar Type Series:
PHS series, PHF Series, PIS Series, PRS Series

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1. Q: Why choose us?

    A : Fullstar has been manufacturing Customized SMD High Current Integrated Inductor for more than 24 years.

2. Q: Do you have any certificates?

    A: We have CE, RoHS, CCC, CQC, ISO9001: 2015 Certification.

3. Q: How about your products quality inspection?

    A: We have professional QA and QC teams. 100% quality inspection is performed before shipment.

4. Q: Can you use our logo?

    A: We accept OEM and ODM production.

5. Q: What's your quality guarantee?

    A: We repair or replace parts within 18months if necessary.

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