A New Shipment of Electronic Components Has Arrived at Our Company on Tuesday

A new shipment of electrical components has arrived at our company on July 7. Our factory strives to provide high quality products, professional designs, highly efficient operation and up-to-stand service. They have finished these electrical components efficiently.

ift coil.jpg

These products including ITF coil, common mode choke, toroidal choke, rod core choke and more. And these products will be sent to South Korea, America, Germany and other countries. They will receive all of these high-quality products from China. Our company has already carried on many cooperations for customers from these countries.

common mode choke.jpg

Now, I’d like to give you a brife introduce to our Smd common mode choke.

SMD common mode choke


Surface Mount

Low profile and small size

Suitable for reflow soldering

Tolerance: ± 20%

Temperature rise: 45°C maximum at rated current

Storage temperature: -25 to +85°C

Operating temperature: -20 to +125°C

Resistance to solder heat: 260°C, 10 seconds

Desktops,Laptops,DSC and computer peripheral

DC/DC converter.

LCD display

Telecommunication Equipment

Power equipment /Digital products /Scanner.....

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