Birthday Party At Office

Birthday is a special day in the life of a person. It is the day when you receive cherished blessings from the dear ones. It is an unique way to celebrate ones birthday in office. 

Last Friday, we hold a office birthday party for our co-woker Mandy! We arrange an indoor party. We make the party forgettable with delicious hotpot, beautiful birthday cake and Mellow red wine. This party is full of thrill and enjoyment. We talked together; laughed together and worked together. All these excitements create life long memories for everyone in our company.
We are so happy to say “happy birthday to Mandy.”

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Mandy is one of the best sale girl in our company. She has very strong expertise in electrical components knowledge. She almost know everything about power transformer, high frequency transformer, current sensor and other our products.


We hope she had a good time at the office birthday party.

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