Common Mode Power Line Choke With Nanocrystanlline Core Equivalant To Wurth 7448040435 35mH

Model : Common mode power line choke 

Fullstar P/N : FTRB201208-353Y (Equivalant to Wurth 7448040435 )


Inductance: 2X35mH @ 10KHZ , 0.3V 

DCR: 80m OHM MAX @ 15 C degree

Rated current : 3.5A MAX 

Rated voltage: 250 Vac MAX 

Insultation test voltage: 1500 Vac 

Storage temperature: -20 C degree to 60 C degree 

Operating temperature: -40 C degree to 125 C degree 


Amorphous and nanocrystalline technology is a modern advanced science and technology. It is a revolution in the history of metallurgy. As a new type of soft magnetic material, it has been widely used in high performance magnetic cores, inductors, transformers and so on. A series of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores have been developed for common mode inductors.

Nanocrystalline magnetic core with high magnetic permeability, wide frequency characteristics, until 30MHz still has high permeability and high frequency. Very suitable for EMC filters, common mode inductors to suppress common mode noise. Compared with the traditional soft magnetic materials, such as ferrite cores, the advantages of the nanocrystalline magnetic core are obvious, high inductance, good filtering effect, small volume, less copper wire turns, high efficiency and energy saving.

The Curie temperature of the nanocrystalline magnetic core is as high as 560 DEG C, which is much higher than that of the traditional ferrite core, which is only about 200 DEG C, and the high Curie temperature makes the nanocrystalline magnetic core have very high thermal stability, and can continuously work at a temperature of 120 DEG C.

Nanocrystalline core has become the preferred material of common mode inductor core.


EMC/EMI filter

High frequency switching power supply

Computer power

Communication and network power

Laser and X optical power supply

Inverter welder and electroplating power supply

Solar inverter and wind power generation system

Household appliances

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Frequency converter

Induction heating equipment

Railway power supply

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Other common mode choke 


Switching power transformer 



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