Gold Plus Supplier Demonstrates The Strength Of The Company

In order to better demonstrate the company's operating conditions and demonstrate the company's overall strength, after applying for our company, Alibaba International Station entrusted a third-party certification body---TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) )Co.,Ltd), came to our company for field certification, the results of the audit were collected by a third-party agency to produce a professional report, showing the factory production capacity and operating status, to help buyers further understand the current reality of the factory. Production capacity and quick decision making.

The audit of the audit included the company's plant conditions, product conditions, production equipment, research and development capabilities, production capacity, quality control, foreign trade capabilities, etc. The inspectors conducted a rigorous and meticulous review and took relevant videos. After review and evaluation, the data of all the indicators of our company are in compliance with relevant standards and are approved to pass the certification of Jinpincheng Enterprise.

Recently, the company has launched a new service for Jinpincheng Enterprise. This service plays an important role in improving the platform performance of our company. Jinpincheng Enterprise is also an acknowledgement of the strength of our company. The current cross-border e-commerce industry environment is still changing rapidly. National policies and market environment will greatly affect sellers' sales strategies. New Jincheng Chengqi members can get the priority of the new industry game from the official channel and keep up with the market trend. At the same time, the right to purchase (Diamond Booth) highlights membership, gains more attention and exposure, and is one step ahead of the competition.


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