EEL16 Type High Frequency High Voltage Transformer

Type: High frequency high-voltage transformer 

Fullstar P/N: FHT-EEL16-010

Brand: Fullstar 


High voltage transformer is a common electronic device for electronic products. It is used to convert low frequency and low voltage to low frequency and high voltage electromagnetic induction equipment. When the primary winding through alternating current, the transformer produces alternating magnetic field, the induction effect of alternating magnetic field, the secondary winding also produces alternating magnetic field and alternating electromotive force, the voltage level of the secondary winding and the secondary winding turns ratio between voltage, and is proportional to the number of turns, the main role is to pressure low voltage into high voltage required in the production process of insulation is particularly important, many manufacturers of the product quality is mainly reflected in the insulation treatment, good insulation is the priority among priorities of the production of high voltage transformer.

High voltage transformer Atlas

The field of high-voltage transformer for electronic products is divided into the following categories: (1) medical devices, such as X ray machine, high potential therapeutic apparatus (2), printing, electrostatic treatment (3), microelectronic electrostatic cleaning (4) air purification, lampblack exhaust treatment, etc.

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