Exhibition For Electronics Enterprises

During 26th to 28th September, 2018, the India electronia Expo will be held in Bangalore, India.



The exhibition lasted about three days. There are many exhibitors participated in this exhibition. Some exhibitors from Mainland China, some from Taiwan, and most of the others were from India. Among enterprises which are from Mainland China, Fullstar electronics specialized in electrical components. The main products are IFT coil, RF transformer, Lan transformer, High frequency transformer, etc.


During these days, the exhibitors demonstrated electrical transformer, inductor, current sensor, magnetic core, etc. And visitors get much information during this exhibition. The exhibitor from xfullstartech.com introduced Chinese suppliers to the buyers.


According to the investigation on the local manufacturing, at present the following products still have advantages when being exported into India from China. The first one is switching power transformer. This product has the advantages of high quality and low price. The second one is RF balun transformer.


India, which has the population of 1.1 billion and the great potential of 2.5 million car output annually, is an emerging market. It has become world's the third largest automobile consumer market after the United States and China. It has a large requirement on the electrical components. The range is wide which covers all low-end to high-end products.

It is undoubted that the exhibition provides a good chance for most of the electronic companies. It gave them more information. Moreover, it also brought them a lot of business cooperative opportunities.


At that time, welcome to visit our booth.

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