High Current Low profile Shielded SMD Inductor And Through-hole Radial Shielded Transformer

1) High current SMD inductors for a world-known USA magnetic company . 

IND, 0.19uH, 20%, DCR=0.875mohms, Irms=40A, 10.3x10.8x4.0mm, RoHS

IND, 1.0uH, 20%, DCR=0.002ohms, Irms=20A, 10.3x11.5x4.0mm, RoHS

IND, 0.47uH, 20%, DCR=1.66mohms, Isat=28.5A, 10.8x10.3x4.0mm, RoHS

IND, 0.36uH, 20%, DCR=1.15mohms, Irms=32A, 10.3x11.5x4.0mm, RoHS

IND, 0.22uH, 20%, DCR=1.57mohms, Irms=30.7A, 8.64x8.18x4.0mm, RoHS

Inductor, Shielded, Power, 0.47uH, L+/-20%, 11.5A, 9.4 mOhm max DCR, SMT, 5.2 x 5.49 x 2mm, RoHS

IND, 0.33uH, 20%, DCR=5.3mohms, Irms=13.7A, 5.49x5.18x3.0mm, RoHS


PDA/notebook/desktop/server applications 

High current POL Converters 

Low profile, high current power supplies

Battery powered devices 

DC/DC converters in distributed power systems 

DC/DC converters for Field programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

2)Through-hole Radial Shielded Transformer

core : 8*10  (0810)

Primary 9.5mH ,  26 ohm MAX

Secondary : 0.53mH , 1.6 ohm MAX

Operating temp :  -25 degree to +85 degree

Magnetically shielded construction power inductor

Heat-resistant molded resin power inductor

Shielded power inductor with low DCR and large current

Shielded power inductor used in:

VCRs, AC/DC DC/DC converters

Video cameras

Communication systems

Automotive systems

Liquid crystal televisions

Power suppliers

Network systems

Computer peripheral equipments

More details - check Through-hole power inductor  

                     Drum-core inductor 

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