High Voltage Ignition Transformer Coil With Turns Ratio 1:200 For Autocar Application With Isolation Voltage 2.5KV

Type : 5 slot 4 pin short pulse output transformer ignition coil

P/N : FHT0810-201 (1:200 turns ratio)


Input voltage (DC): 1.5~3VDC. Output pulse high voltage: 5KV~25KV.

Primary inductance: 9uH+/-15% @1.0KHz,0.3V 

Secondary inductance: 168mH @1.0KHz, 0.3v


High voltage coil is made of transparent epoxy resin potting isolation.

High voltage coil with transparent epoxy resin potting isolation and also the coils singly without epoxy .  

Principle and application

According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, low voltage is converted to high voltage transformer, which is composed of core and primary winding.

It has two different types -- open magnetic coil and closed magnetic coil.

Mainly used in Auto car and motor vehicle 

High voltage coil is made of transparent epoxy resin potting isolation.

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