IFT COIL - 7mm Type 7P High Frequency With Internal Capacitor

Type: IFT0712-110 

7mm type 7P High Frequency with internal capacitor

Frequency Range 2-20MHz

Inductance Range : 1-82uH 

Temperature Coefficient : Inductor TC (L) 220+/-220ppm/

                       With Internal capacitor TC(F) 0+/-250ppm/

Internal Capacitance Values : 5-100pF



Ideal for use as an FM IFT and in detector circuits.

Unique design features a cup core adjustor threaded directly to the shield can , allowing use of larger cores. This results in the superior large signal characteristics normally associated with ordinary 10mm types.


Q(1-3) : 110+/-20%@10.7MHz+/-3%

Dimension : 7.5x7.5 with height 12.0mm

Capacitance : 47pF

Hi-pot: 100Vdc, 1 min primary to secondary

Insulation resistance: 100Vdc, 100MΩ Min

Operating temperature: -25 to +85

Storage temperature: -40 to +70

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