Low Loss And High Saturation Sendust Core Choke Inductor Used For EMC Switching Power Supply And A Resonant Circuit

Model: Sendust Core Choke inductor  

Core P/N:  CS229090 

Fullstar Choke P/N : FTRB2290-631Y 


For EMC 

Primary: 630uH (21#AWG 100 Ts)

Testing condition: 10KHz, 0.3V 

DCR: 100 mohm  MAX 

Operating temperature: -40 C degree to +150 C degree 

Core: KS090-090A KDM /  CSC229090  

RoHS compliant 



Sendust core choke features 

Sendust core is suitable for power factor correction circuit. 

It is a relatively low loss and high saturation of materials, and the application of one-way drive, such as pulse transformer and flyback transformer. 

Due to near zero magnetostriction, Fe Si Al is the best choice to eliminate audible frequency noise online noise filter and the inductor iron silicon.

 Aluminum magnetic inductors with high saturation magnetic flux density, so it can be in the larger magnetic field under difficult saturation. C. has high magnetic permeability stability (low temperature, low noise high current.) it is applied to the EMC. switching power supply and a resonant circuit and the optimum selection of products, especially suitable for the active PFC inductor and switch power supply output choke. 

Because of FeSiAl magnetic powder core has a distributed air gap, especially suitable for switching power supply in the storage. The filter inductor, because of its high BS value and low loss, compared with the same volume. Iron core and ferrite with permeability has higher storage capacity, so it is widely used in rotary transformer. Transformer. The power factor correction circuit (PFC), because of its high temperature stable performance, can be compared to iron core smaller, now there are alternative for transformer iron core. No noise in the large AC voltage, zero magnetostriction characteristics, but also can be used for noise filtering inductance of FeSiAl magnetic powder core as a coating for black The composition consists of 85% iron (Fe), silicon (Si), and 6% aluminum alloy powder (Al), and has the advantages of high energy storage, and stable performance at high temperature.

Sample show  


For other choke inductor 

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For switching power transformer 


For SMD inductor and through-hole inductor  



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