Nanodust Material Core , Ui=14/ AL: 20nH/N² +/-8%

Type :  Nanodust core



AL: 20nH/N² +/-8%

Material:  ui=14

Coating color : Khaki

Coating material : Epoxy

Coating Breakdown voltage: 1500Vrms, 0.5mA, 2Sec

Physical Characteristics

OD x ID x HT (After coating) = 78.9 X 48.2 X 17.02 or customized size 

Nanodust core advantages

Nanodust materials have the advantages of silicon steel, silicon carbide and ferrite. That is:

1 ) High magnetic induction: saturated magnetic induction Bs=1.2T, is the slope of the Mo alloy, 2.5 times the ferrite. The core power density is large, can reach 15 kW ~ 20kW/kg.

2)igh permeability: static initial permeability of 0 can be as high as 120 thousand to 140 thousand, and a permalloy. For power transformer iron core permeability is 10 times that of the ferrite, greatly reducing the exciting power, improve the efficiency of the transformer.

3 ) Low loss: in the frequency range of 50kHz ~ 1/2 is ferrite 20kHz ~ 1/5, reduce the temperature rise of the iron core.

4 ) Curie's temperature is high: the Curie temperature of the nano crystalline material amounts to 570, and the Curie temperature of the ferrite is only 180 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.

Due to the above advantages, the application of nanodust in the inverter power supply, the power supply reliability increased greatly:

1)  Loss is small, the transformer temperature rise is low, a large number of users of long-term practical use to prove that the temperature rise of nano crystalline transformer is much lower than the temperature rise of IGBT pipe.

2 ) Cores and high permeability, reduce exciting power, reduce the copper loss, improve the efficiency of the transformer. The primary inductance of the transformer is large, and the impact of the current when the switch is reduced to the IGBT pipe is reduced.

3 ) The working magnetic sense is high, the power density is big, can achieve 15Kw/kg. The volume of the iron core is reduced. In particular, the large power inverter power supply, the volume decreases so that the space inside the enclosure increases, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of IGBT pipe.

4 ) Overload capacity of the transformer, due to the work of magnetic induction selection in the saturation of the magnetic sense of about 40%, when the overload occurs only due to increased magnetic induction heating, and not because of the core saturation and damaged IGBT pipe.

5 ) Nanocrystalline materials Curie temperature is high, assuming the temperature reached 100 degrees Celsius, ferrite transformer has been unable to work, the nano crystalline transformer can work properly.


Widely used in the field of inverter welding machine, communication power supply, electroplating electrolytic power supply, induction heating power supply, charging power supply and so on.

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