Ni-zn Rod Core Choke R6*25 With Inductance 8uH,10A

Type : Rod core choke 

Fullstar P/N : LRC0625-8R0Y 

Details and specs :

Core material: Ni-zn

Core dimension: 6mm(dia) * 25mm length) 

Finished rod choke:  9mm x 25mm 

Inductance : 8.0uH 

Current value : 10A 

Wire diameter : 1.5mm 

Working frequency: 60HZ 

Sample quantity: 10 pcs 

Samples show :

rod core choke

Commonly used core size are 

R3*10 R3*12 R3*15 R4*15 R4*20 R5*15 R5*20 R5*25 R5*30 R6*10 R6*15 R6*20 R6*25 R6*30

Nizn rod core

Application : 

  • power supply board 

  • circuit board 

  • computer main board 

  • Electronic equipment 

  • equipment

  • mechanical equipment

  • a variety of household appliances,etc.

We also do air coils 

Air coil

Toroidal choke coils 

toroidal choke


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