PCB Mounting High- Precision Current Transformer 1:3000 10A/3.33mA

Type: PCB Mounting Current Transformer 

Fullstar P/N : CT21FC-10A/3.3mA 

Working principle  

Principle of current transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The current transformer is composed of a closed iron core and a winding. The primary winding turns is less and connected in series in the circuit to measure the current, so it often flows all current in circuit; Secondary has more windings and connected in series of measuring and protection circuit. When current transformer is in operation, the two- loop is always closed. Therefore, measuring and protecting loop-circuit impedance in series with the coil current transformer is very small, close to the state of short circuit.


Turns Ratio: 1:3000 

Rated pri current: 10A  

Rated sec current: 3.33mA 

Output voltage: 50mv+/-10%@15A , RL=10Ω 

Accuracy: 0.2%

Inductance: 85H Min@100Hz, 0.1V 

DCR: 350Ω MAX 

Hi-pot: 2.5KV,1mA, 1Min 

Insulation resistance: 500Vdc,100MΩ Min

Operating temperature: -20 to +70℃

Storage temperature: -40 to + 85℃



1. RoHS Compliant

2. Flammability: UL94V-0

3. ASTM oxygen index: >29% 

4. Temp 20℃, 48%RH 

Dimension :

Permolloy core materials

Sample show 




         Meet the standard of IEC62053 and ANSI12.20

          High linearity with DC immunity characteristics

          Outstanding stability ,separate the external magnetic field interference

          Operation Frequency: 20--400Hz

          High potential voltage 4000V/min

          Meet ROHS requirements.



          Energy meter, power transducer, precision power meter and energy monitoring devices.

          Over current protection circuit of motor and other electrical appliances.

Switching power supplies, chargers, alarm system, TV and CRT monitor displays, UPS, VCD/DVD players, audio and visual equipment, OA machines, inverter.

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