Samples For Flyback Transformer EEL16 , RM8 & Toroidal Chokes

Samples sending out to customers -- 

flyback transformer EEL16,

Flylback RM8 ,

Description :

Gapped core RM8, TDK-PC95,

Bobbin  : RM8, Vertical , 12 pins

Magnet wire : double coated , solderable , triple insulated wire

Copper Shield:  1 mil think copper foil

Electrical Strength : 1second, 10Hz, from pins 1,2,11,12 to fly leads A-B , 3000VAC

Primary inductance : 690uH

toroidal chokes FTR0903 made by toroidal ferrite core T9x5x3 ,

toroidal chokes FTR1305-200uH

toroidal common mode choke FTR2108-13mH made by toroidal ferrite core T18x10x7

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