Sendust Core Inductor KS141-125A

Type: Sendust core inductor 

P/N : FTR141125x2-351Y 

Specs :

Core: sendust core KS141-125A (2 stack together)

Wire: 1.3mm, 155℃

Inductance: 356uH ±15% @10KHz, 0.3V

DCR: 50mΩ

Peak current: 13.2A 

RMS current: 7.8A 

Switching frequency: 135KHZ

Application :

1 power inductors, such as computer host board

2 power factor correction, such as power supply

3 common mode filtering, such as mobile phone charger

4 current regulation, such as light lamp

5 conjugate oscillators, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

6 choke, such as a variety of household appliances control panel

7 differential mode filter, such as strong industrial board

8 motor control equipment

Sendust core inductance introduction 

1 sendust core inductor standard components are: AL5.4%; Si9.6%; the other is iron.

More than 2 sendust core inductor Curie temperature of 410 degrees, temperature range of -50~+200 degrees

3 sendust core inductor current superposition of good performance, low loss, negative temperature coefficient

4 sendust core inductor of initial permeability I has the following file: 26 Mu Mu E; e 60 mu 75 mu; E; e 90 e 125 mu.

Inductance coefficient AL

The inductance is self inductance per turn coil core, i.e.

In the formula L for self inductance magnetic core coil (unit: H), N is the number of turns of the coil.

Saturation induction Bs 5 sendust core inductor value is: 800-1000mT.

The saturation magnetic induction of Bs is in the operating temperature (25 degrees or 100 degrees Celsius), with the magnetic intensity of magnetic material is large enough, the magnetization curve close to the horizontal line (see below), no longer with the magnetic field strength is obviously increased B values, called saturation induction Bs.

Sample show 

rod core chokeand common mode chokes 

Switching power transformer 


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