Through-hole DR Core 6*6 Inductor With Or Without Heat Shrink, 47uH

TYPE : Through-hole inductor 

P/N: LCH0606-470K 


Inductance: 47uH +/-10%

DCR: 220mΩMax

IDC: 0.8A Max 

Q: 1.28@1KHz 

Testing condition: 1KHZ, 0.25V

Operating temperature range: -25℃ to +125℃

Storage temperature range: -25℃ to +125℃ 

RoHS Compliant 

Flammability: UL94V-0

ASTM oxygen index: >28%

Temp 20℃ , 48%RH 

Through-hole inductor characteristics 

1. Small size of the vertical inductance, occupies a small installation space;

2. Distributed capacitance is small, high self resonance frequency;

3. Special guide structure, not easy to produce open circuit phenomenon.

4. With PVC or UL heat shrinkable casing protection.

5. Lead-free environmental protection.

Through-hole inductor performance:

1.Inductance value range: 1.0uH to 100000uH.

2 .Rated current: Based on temperature rise shall not exceed 20℃.

3. Operating temperature range: between -20℃ and 80℃ 

4. Terminal strength: more than 2.5 kg.

Through-hole inductor founction:

1, Energy storage, as a filtering in power supply so that the power source is more stable.

2, Oscillation, as a oscillation component in the switching circuit components to do boost .

3, Anti -interference in the power supply, do choke coil, do a differential mode inductor, to prevent the harmonic pollution in power components, can prevent harmonic components in power grid disturbance to the power supply, play a stabilizing role.



TV and audio equipment;

Communication equipment;

Buzzer and siren;

Power controller;

Broadband and high Q value of the system.

Samples show :

More through-hole inductor

Switching power transformer 

Common mode chokes


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