Through-hole DRcore 8*10 & 9*12 Inductors - 3 Pins, 870uH

TYPE :  Through-hole Inductor 

Fullstar P/N : FLHR3W0912-871K / FLHR3W0810-871K 

Detailed Specs  :

L: 870uH±15%@1KHz, 0.2V


Peak current: PIN1-3, 600mA MAX

Operating temperature range: -25℃ to +85℃ 

Storage termperature range: -25℃ to +85℃ 

Flat winding, copper wire no tie and no damage

Solder has no damage on core and coil 

DR-inductor advantages:

small size, convenient installation and easy to plug type inductance, small occupied space; high Q factor; distributed capacitance is small; the self-resonance frequency is higher; the special needle structure, not easy to produce closed phenomenon.  DR Inductor generally used for matching circuit and signal quality control, both on general connection and power connections.

DR inductor has advantages of High stability, the current through the use of the circuit in a relatively stable, the efficiency also increased a lot, the main function is to chose signal, filtering noise, stable current control and electromagnetic interference, EMI is a good countermeasure.

Through –hole DR inductor application:  car GPS, car DVD, power equipment, video recorders, LCD display, computer, household appliances, toys, digital products, electronic products and security technology equipment, etc..

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