Toroidal Transformer By MPP Core With Base

Type : Transformer 

Fullstar P/N : FT40125-190Y  (19uH) 

The inductance can be customized . 

 Specification :

Primary inductance : 19uH ±15% 

Secondary inductance : 15.2uH @100KHz, 100mv 

Testing condition: 100KHz, 100mv

DCR for primary: 20mΩ max

DCR for secondary " 270mΩ max

Turns ratio: 1:1 

Hi-pot:  250Vdc, 1mA , 2Seconds 

The operating temperature is -40℃ to 155℃

Wire: Litz wire 

Core material : MPP 


RoHS Compliant

Flammability: UL94V-0

ASTM oxygen index: 28%

Temp 20℃, 48%RH 


Sample show 

toroidal transformer


Application domain:

Switching Mode Power Supply

UPS uninterrupted power supply

Pulse welding equipment

Power converter

Wind power generator

Various transmission devices

Other single phase or three-phase power lines and common mode filters in various power supply

Advantage of MPP material core 

Molybdenum permalloy powder core (MPP) components: 81%Ni, 2%Mo, 19, saturation magnetic induction intensity is low, about 0.75T, permeability change range, from 14 to 550, the magnetostrictive coefficient is close to zero, excellent temperature stability (permeability less than 330 materials from -60 to 80 DEG C. the magnetic conductance the relative change rate of less than 0.4%), with the lowest core loss in the magnetic core, the DC magnetic bias ability after sendust core, because of high nickel content, the price is the most expensive in the magnetic core.


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