Transformer EE16 Used Forswitching power supply and inverter, UPS, etc

Type : EE16 transformer 

Mode: Vertical 

Fullstar P/N :  FTEE16-003 

Inductance : 3.95mH

Testing condition: 1.0KHz, 2V 

Hi-pot : 4.0KVac pri to sec

         1.5KVac pri to Bias

         1.0KVac voil to core

Operating temperature : -20℃ to +120℃

Storage temperature :  -20℃ to +80℃ 

Sample quantity: 5 pcs 

EE16 high frequency transformer performance

1. operating frequency: 20kHz-500KHz

2. output power: 0.5 to 15 W

3. operating temperature: to C +125 -40 C

4. storage temperature: to C +85 -25 C

5. storage humidity: 30 to 95% 

EE16 high frequency transformer characteristic

EE16 high frequency transformer has the characteristic of small size, low price and high reliability. EE type transformer is a basic type of ferrite core, stable performance, low cost, high current. Widely used in power conversion and line filter. Volume from small to large, to meet various application requirements of circuit. Such as the use of temperature resistance 155 or 180 degrees C, can meet the different temperature conditions, suitable for all kinds of switching power supply and inverter, UPS, etc..


Auxiliary power transformer,

DC-DC converter,

Drive transformer,

Digital camera,

Hand switch power supply charger, etc.

Sample show 

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