• Through-hole Drum Core Inductor

    Through-hole Drum Core Inductor

    1.Excellent heat resistance.
    2.Various sizes are available.
    3.With wide frequency range.
    4.Used for high frequency application.
    5.lower price.

  • Nanocrystalline Core

    Nanocrystalline Core

    1.Available in various size.
    2.Low eddy current losses.
    3.High satration flux density.
    4.Low loss.
    5.Excellent temperature stability.

  • Iron Powder Core

    Iron Powder Core

    1.Available in various size.
    2.Coated and uncoated type.
    3.High quality.
    4.RoHs compliance.
    5.Soft magerntic material.

  • Rod Core Choke

    Rod Core Choke

    1.RoHS compliant.
    2.High Q value.
    3.Customized designs are available.
    4.Quick delivery.

  • Alloy Sendust Core

    Alloy Sendust Core

    1.Available in various size.
    2.Low loss.
    3.Relative high saturation flux density.
    5.Customized requirements and appearance or characteristics are accepted.

  • Split-core Current Sensor

    Split-core Current Sensor

    1.Good mechanical behavior.
    2.Delicate appearance.
    3.Customized type available.
    4.Lower price.

  • Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

    Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

    1.Compliant with the RoHS Directive.
    2.Customized designs are welcome.
    3.Low loss and high saturation flux density.
    4.Good anti-corrosion performance.

  • Toroidal Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

    Toroidal Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

    1.Available in various size.
    2.Gapped or ungapped.
    3.coating or without coating type.
    4.Dimension can be more various.

  • Through-hole Type Axial Conformal Coated Color Code Inductors

    Through-hole Type Axial Conformal Coa...

    1.Inductance Range from 3.3uH to 150mH.
    2.Small size, low cost. Wire-wound construction.
    3.Heat resistant epoxy resin.
    4.Small, medium and large quantities available.
    5.Fullstar LTA0204/0305/0307/0410/0510 Series.

  • Air Core Inductor

    Air Core Inductor

    1.Bobbinless and low-profile.
    2.High saturation current.
    3.Available in various dimensions and types.
    4.Meeting and compatible with Qi standard of WPC.

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