• Bobbin Inductor Coil 470 Inductor Coil Toroidal Common Mode Choke Ferrite Iron Core Inductor With Base

    Bobbin Inductor Coil 470 Inductor Coi...

    1.Brand Name:Fullstar
    2.Model Number:Fullstar
    4.Product Name:Toroidal Choke Coil
    5.Quality:100% Tested
    6.Application:RF Transformer, Network Filter and Isolated Transformer
    7.Package:Tube and Carton
    8.Material:magnetic core, copper wire, plastic bobbin
    10.Shipping Term:DHL Fedex TNT EMS UPS
    11.Packing:Plastic Bag(other Packing Available)

  • Through-hole Power Inductor

    Through-hole Power Inductor

    1.With wide frequency range.
    2.Small, medium and large quantities are available.
    3.Excellent heat resistance.
    4.Contain high-frequency cores.

  • Through-hole Type Axial Conformal Coated Color Code Inductors

    Through-hole Type Axial Conformal Coa...

    1.Inductance Range from 3.3uH to 150mH.
    2.Small size, low cost. Wire-wound construction.
    3.Heat resistant epoxy resin.
    4.Small, medium and large quantities available.
    5.Fullstar LTA0204/0305/0307/0410/0510 Series.

  • Through-hole Common Mode Choke

    Through-hole Common Mode Choke

    1.Small profile with large current and low resistance.
    2.Low resistance.
    3.Prevents noise emission.
    4.Wide range of available inductance and current ratings.
    5.Excellent Mechanical Strength.

  • Toroidal Common Mode Choke Ferrite Iron Core Inductor With Base Copper Coil Inductor

    Toroidal Common Mode Choke Ferrite Ir...

    Model Number:FRTB
    Application:Switching Regulator Inductors
    Packing:Carton Box
    Quality:100% Tested

  • Through-hole Drum Core Inductor

    Through-hole Drum Core Inductor

    1.Excellent heat resistance.
    2.Various sizes are available.
    3.With wide frequency range.
    4.Used for high frequency application.
    5.lower price.

  • SMD Shielded Power Inductor

    SMD Shielded Power Inductor

    1.Low loss high stability SMD shielded inductor.
    2.PIS-S series , SRHA Series , SRHB Series PRS-S Series.
    3.Lead free RoHS compliant.
    4.Strict and responsible quality control department, we could ensure about the quality.

  • SMD Common Mode Choke

    SMD Common Mode Choke

    1.Low profile and small size SMD.
    2.Higher Frequency.
    3.High Saturation Material.
    4.Low EMI Radiation.

  • 1mH Choke Coil Inductor Filter Surfact Mount For PCB

    1mH Choke Coil Inductor Filter Surfac...

    1.Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
    2.Brand Name:Fullstar
    3.Model Number:FSCM01-101Y
    4.Product Name:1mH Choke Coil Inductor Filter Surfact Mount for PCB
    7.Quality:100% Tested
    9.PAYMENT TERMS:T/T/Wire Transfer/Western Union/L/C
    10.Material:Iron Powder Core, Copper Wire

  • Rod Core Choke

    Rod Core Choke

    1.RoHS compliant.
    2.High Q value.
    3.Customized designs are available.
    4.Quick delivery.

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